Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Project Samples Week 4

Hi dolls,

I wanted to post this yesterday but I think I posted like 3 posts and thought it would be a little bit over kill if I posted another one which is why project samples post got delayed to today. Which also turns out better because I took the product photos in day light today even though it has been raining all day so it is not the best lighting.

Anyways I seem to be coming along pretty nicely with my project samples and for some reason even though I have a lot of samples I have a difficulty picking the samples for this week. I want to use some of the samples and then decide not to because it has cute packaging does anyone have that? Because it has cute packaging you don't want to use it?

From left to right;
The first is the Sabon conditioner for smooth and glossy hair. I have not tried Sabon products before so I look forward into trying this.
Second is the Sabon shampoo for normal hair, as I said I have never tried Sabon products before I look forward into trying this. (I should've put shampoo first and then the conditioner *epic fail!! )
The third is the Weleda buckthorn body oil, if you remember I received this in 1 of my Glossyboxes I believe. I hated the bodylotion because of the scent but the body oil is actually tolerable for some reason. I need to use this up because it bothers me.
The fourth is a leftover sample from last week, which I looked forward to trying out but ended up overlooking. It is the Lancome Rouge In Love lipstick sample.


  1. That lipstick sample looks pretty. May have to looking into that body oil!

    - Ashley

  2. Ohh... I'm intrigued by that body oil... let me know what you think.

    1. You shall read a review on it on sunday :-)

  3. Found your blog though the blog hop
    Excited to continue to read your blog :)



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