Sunday, 23 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas (Day 11) Dear Santa...

Hi everyone,

I cannot believe this... just this blogpost and tomorrow's left. It was challenging but fun to do.

Now as you all might know, tomorrow's going to be a big exciting blogpost featuring a giveaway!!! I am super excited about everything and cannot wait to upload it and share it with you all but still 1 sleep away.

Anyhow for Day 11 I decided to ask you what do you want for Christmas? I know, Christmas is not about the presents but sometimes it is ok to be materialistic. I do know there is the Christmas spirit and all but I want to know what is on your wishlist for Christmas this year. Besides we all wish the happiness and healthyness of our loved ones. So what product is on your wishlist?

(taken from

So what is on my Christmas list? Well I really want some MAC eyeshadows, preferably one of those 15 pan pro palette with eyeshadows. Which I don't think I will be getting because just the 15 pan insert plus the palette and no eyeshadows sets me back about € 31.- yeah a bit expensive just for packaging lol. My next wish is the Nars Foreplay blush palette which is just too pretty for words.

Other items are 1 of the Too Faced Christmas sets, I just love it for the packaging alone.
(taken from

What else... well anything makeup or beauty-wise would make me very happy and cheery. What is on your wishlist?


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