Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cute & Easy Hair Styles for the Holidays ft. Zenner Accessories

Hi dolls,

I have a tutorial type of video for you. I spend a lot of time editing this video so I hope it will turn out ok. Zenner accessories was so kind to send me a few hair accessories to make cute and easy hair styles with that can glam up your look within seconds. This line is only for the holidays and it called ''Glossy Glam'' which is super appropriate for the holiday season. 

I love glamming up my hair during the holiday season with a piece of shiny accessory and that is exactly what Zenner plans to do too. They have a whole line of it and it is avaialable in stores now!

What is your holiday go to hairstyle?

I hope my tips are slightly helpful and of course if you have any questions or requests I would love to hear them. Or any feedback at all is greatly appreciated.



  1. Very cute!! Love the accessories!!

    - Ashley Elizabeth
    ( )

  2. Love the accessories. Thanks for sharing these ideas, they look wonderful. They are indeed perfect for this season.


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