Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Beauty Box In Holland! *get excited!*

Hello my dollies,

I have been super excited about this beauty box ever since I found out about it. And I found out about it, when they were still in their beginning ideas phase! So yeah it has been a while! But I decided not to blog about it until they released a press release. And what did I find when I opened my inbox this week? Yes the press release of the Beauty By Vicky box.

You must think, oh another beauty box.... Don't we have enough of them already? And after the BlendBox fiasco everyone has been a bit on the fence about any new beauty box coming out.

But I can say that this beauty box is not like the blendbox at all!!! Beauty By Vicky is created by Vicky as the name says, she has done a lot of research and also she asked people on twitter all the time to give input on brands or products they would like to see in the Beauty By Vicky box. This way a box would be created that contained brands that were suggested by bloggers and fans of beauty. She really values your opinion about brands all you have to do is send her an email and she will contact the company about a possible collaboration.

I of course did suggest a couple of brands that I would like to see in a beauty box and I have no clue whether or not the brands will end up in the box. Because the contents of the box have been a huge secret.

Now onto the actual box, this box is called Beauty By Vicky and will contain at least 5 beauty products and the box will be released on a very limited basis so when everything is gone it is actually gone. Vicky said she wanted to keep the quality of the contents of the box on as high of a level possible so the box would be amazing every single month. This is a monthly subscription box which will be costing € 14.95 per month. Yes that is slightly more expensive than the other boxes, but if the quality of the contents is that good. It will definitely be worth it.

The first box which will be released in October, will be going on sale on August 17th at 8 p.m. (20.00) sharp!

Unfortunately this box will only be available to people who live in the Netherlands for now. But you never know....

She will also be doing a project every month where she will give a beauty box to a boy/girl that is having a rough time in her life at the moment. This project is called ''Spread the Love'' all you have to do is send her an email saying why that person deserve a beauty box and how it will make him/her happy. I think this is a great initiative and great thing to be giving back. She said more projects like this will be coming in the future.

Last of all, emails can be send to and of course if you want to take look at their website it is

Let me know if you will be getting a box and what you think about it?

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