Friday, 3 August 2012

It's Coming! It's Almost Here!

Hi dolls,

I thought I would do another blog post about this subscription box that has been announced for quite some time now and they are shipping their very first box this month! Yes they are shipping their very first box in August, so get excited!

This box is so different than your standard beauty box because it is not really a beauty box. It is a fashion box and the name of this subscription box is very fitting ''Fashion Box''. With your standard subscription boxes, you get all beauty products. Products you can use on your face, body, nails and hair. But the Fashion Box promises to give you all of that and more! You will be getting accessories, jewelry and magazines. So if you think a normal beauty box is too much skincare and haircare and you are looking for that something extra. The Fashion Box will be something for you.

The box costs € 14.95 per month (includes shipping) and with any subscription box you have the opportunity to cancel each month. I do have to warn you, if you sign up now, you already missed the first box because that is completely sold out! 

I love these subscription services but they are draining my funds like crazy! lol

If you are interested go get your Fashion Box

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