Saturday, 25 August 2012

GlossyBox is Officially CANCELLED!

Hi dolls,

I have decided to officially cancel my GlossyBox, I just was not happy with the content of the box. 

I will give you the reasons why I cancelled my GlossyBox;

My very first Glossybox the affordable favorites edition in May was amazing. Ok fair enough all drugstore and 5 out of 6 were fullsize. I was super happy and was looking forward to my June Glossybox. In my June GlossyBox I got a double from my Truly Yours Box the sea salt spray from Toni & Guy. Not a huge deal there but I wish Toni & Guy would not give out these samples to all beauty boxes. I am not a huge fan of Yves Rocher makeup especially they are a tad overpriced for an ok makeup brand. The other 2 products were alright, not a massive fan but usable. The thing that really upset me was the Herome toe seporators that you use when painting your toe nails. I did not feel like that was a product, they could've done it as an extra and yes I did look through my box for the nail polish that would have been nice to come with it.

My July box, was an improvement from the June box. The product that I have used everyday was the Himalaya Herbals foaming facewash. The entire contents of the box has no high end products, or you have to count Kryolan as a more of higher end product which I don't. The two Weleda buckthorn samples really smelled bad in my opinion so I did not use that. The shampoo made my hair really greasy in my already grease prone hair. Nail polish is pretty but the value was € 3.- whilst in my Truly Yours box I received a full size Essie nail polish worth € 9.99 so yeah....

This month's box was there was 1 high end product and that was the Kiehl's lip balm, which I am really happy about. I received an Indola color shampoo, I do not have color treated hair. 2 Vera Valenti products that looked cheap, ok I do buy ELF products.... I expected more high end products from GlossyBox. And the 5th product was their GlossyBox blush brush which in the US and the UK box it was counted as an extra not as a product part of the box. 

I will re-subscribe to GlossyBox when it has more high end products. I rather spend my money on things I know I will love, I am still subscribed to Truly Yours and their boxes have been great so far and no disappointments. 

This is my opinion about the box, I don't have anything against GlossyBox, because I love the concept. I just feel these products in their boxes are not for me. 

If you like to see all the products I have received please go to my YouTube channel


  1. I know what you mean about Glossy Bpx. This month i got a LipCote lipstick coater which you can buy in Boots for £3.00? And they put a Glossy Box lipstick in there too which is their own brand? The colour was nice but im not sure how luxury it is. I will keep going with it a few more months i think as i can use the stuff in my makeup kit when i do clients :) xxx

    1. I guess it is great when they put in a full size item but preferably something that is at least 5euros/5pounds worth. Their GlossyBox lipstick is suppose to be from Kryolan, which I actually like. I recently signed up for another box so I had to give Glossybox up for now, especially I have been wanting to buy some other high end makeup. I rather spend money on something I know I will love than something that is a gamble. Did you get an eyeshadow palette as well?
      The glossybox brush I got is made from goathair, and they valued it at 7 euros. It is not even that soft..
      You do professional makeup?


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