Monday, 20 August 2012

Movie Monday; Sorority Wars

Hi dolls,

I thought I would put a movie monday today. Because I have been re-watching some of my girly girl movies recently.

I actually recently discovered this one and I actually quite enjoyed it. Just because it is so girly I guess. Maybe not the greatest movies especially considering how all the storylines go. But still it is something fun to watch.

Lucy Hale plays the main character, whom you might recognise as Aria from Pretty Little Liars. I love her, so I have been looking up where she has played in, and kind of watching those. Although I have not watched Privileged yet, is it worth the watch?

So it basically is the story of a girl who's mum was part of 1 of great sororities out there, and it is expected of her to follow in her footsteps but she kind of does not like what that sorority stands for. I thought this would be great to just watch considering a lot of people will be going to college soon, this is just something fun to watch.

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