Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Preview of the Essence Colour Arts Collection

Hi dolls,

I actually have a couple of new previews coming up from both Essence and Catrice. Both of these brands release new collections and limited editions as often as MAC cosmetcis does. Sometimes that is very hard to keep up. But I am trying my best. Especially I don't want to write an article right away about the new collection because you will have to wait forever for the new collection. So I am going to try and write the article about a month before the actual release. I think that is reasonable enough.....

Anyways first up is the Essence Colour Arts Collection, this collection will be available in stores from September onwards in The Netherlands our neighbours in Belgium will be getting this collection mid August already. 

This collection is like the name says all about colours and with colours I am saying it is all about pigments! Yes you will be given the opportunity to buy a ton of pigments only a fraction of the price from a MAC pigment. Essence will be releasing 20 colors in this collection, which will cost € 2.49 a piece. Which I think is pretty reasonable. Now I wish I had a handful of the pigments to test out for you but I unfortunately don't so I am waiting until it is in stores and maybe pick up a few. 

Below I just randomly picked 5 colors to show you. 

Along with these pigments Essence will also be releasing, an Eye base, a Lip base and Nail base, so you can choose and create your own little creation with the colors. Both the eye base and lip base will retail for € 1.79 each and the nail base which you can also use as a topcoat will retail for € 1.59. You can also purchase some mixing jars and a applicator to mix your pigments with. Both retailing for € 1.29 each. 

What do you think of this collection? Will you be picking up some pigments? Do you want me to put all the colors online? (I can make a seperate post about it showing all 20 colors) Let me know in the comments!

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