Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nail Arts Lovers Assemble!!

Hi dolls,

I have some exciting news for nail arts lovers and people who want to try out nailart but don't like paying a lot of money for all those special polishes, wands, tools etc.

Essence will be having an entirely new range studio nails collection, which contains white nail hardener, white effect, white rose and white gloss. And other nail care things like cuticle oil, base coats and more. Also nail files all just for the small prices of € 1.39 and up. 

Nail art, Essence will have a double ended dotting tool for € 1.99, a peel off base coat (sounds super interesting), colour changing nail polish with the marker both go for € 1.99. And glow in the dark top coat, a special effect top coat, cracking top coat all go for € 1.89 and then of course they go along with the magnetics trend where the nailpolish goes for € 1.99.

It all sounds super exciting. When will this be in store you ask? These items will be available September onwards. I think they will be in their permanent collection, so if you like something you can go back for more colours! 

What will you be picking up?

*images have not been released yet by Essence at the time of writing this blogpost*

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