Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bee Venom as Beauty Product?

Hi dolls,

I was going through my emails and found this one from a while back. Totally forgot about it! It first did caught my eye, I probably just completely forgot because of all the other things I have been doing. 

Anyways, when I read the email it was about Bee Venom, yeah you read it right BEE VENOM. In particular the line containing bee venom from Manuka Doctor, people from the UK must have heard about this before as it is pretty popular in the UK. With the most popular user being Kate Middleton, yes the duchess herself uses this product. And also a bunch of other celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kylie Minogue. 

Manuka Doctor basically has three lines within their collection the ApiClear which is mainly for problematic skin, ApiNourish which is the anti ageing line and the ApiRevive which is more of a health line. 

Apparently bee venom is great for skin regeneration and has natural collagen so 1. your skin heals faster and 2. it fills fine lines. You are probably thinking but do I want to put bee venom on my face? Yes, if it works like it says it works yes. All the damaging parts of the bee venom have already been extracted and are combined with advocado oil, shea butter and vitamin E. There are more than 10,000 bee stings per pot as an ingredient! Lets all NOT imagine 10,000 bees stinging your face.

Now you probably think. Will this be afordable at all? Yes it will be, depending on what product you go for. The most expensive product from their collection is the ''Rejuvenating Face Mask'' which costs € 59.99 for 50ml (ApiNourish line) within the ApiClear line the most you will have to pay is € 19.99 which I think is pretty reasonable for a moisturizer. 

Manuka Doctor brand is available at Holland & Barrett in the UK and at De Tuinen in the Netherlands.

Let me know, would you put bee venom on your face? Are you curious about this product? Would you try it out?

I think I might go to the store and get the facial moisturizing lotion to try out.

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