Thursday, 20 September 2012

GlossyBox September 2012 Unboxing

Hi dolls,

Today I have an unboxing of my September Glossybox, after my rant post about me cancelling. I signed back up with the hope that this month's box was going to be a special edition. I have to say it is special alright, but not as exciting as I had hoped for. I feel like after the past 2 crappy boxes the October box must be an exciting one.

If you have not received your box yet do not click on my link to go see the unboxing. Or if you are curious about it, click click clickity click!

Also I have to apologize for my appearance, I was planning on doing stuff for my blog and edit videos so I knew I was not going to be out of the house. Hence the glasses, no makeup and my Maroon 5 t-shirt.

Anyhow enjoy the video! Don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe! :-)


  1. hi. following through circular insanity blog hop :)

  2. Hi Ellen! Got your message on my blog site but unfortunately your name is not showing up on my GFC. Would you like to try again?? I would be very grateful if you could. Thanks again!

    1. Hey, I am following under the name EllenYu1 so it should show up :-) xox


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