Monday, 24 September 2012

Music Monday Time! Cheryl - Screw You

Hi dolls,

I have been listening to Cheryl's album a lot lately but of course there are always some stand outs. I have been loving most of her songs but the one I really love is called ''Screw You''.'

I am not going to say ''Cheryl has to stop singing about her ex-husband'' let her sing whatever she likes, I like it. And for the people who are going to complain just don't listen to it. It is kinda weird now I am thinking about it, every female singer who goes through a break up and then releases songs their songs are always labeled the song is about ..... One other that pops into my mind is Katy Perry. Why are females always labeled they are still heart broken about their break up but men don't have to deal with that. This is one of the things that really annoys me. 

But anyway the song, it kinda says for itself. It basically is about a guy who has not been the greatest boyfriend, and she is singing screw you. I do have to say this is just the song from her album, it is NOT her latest single or anything.



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    1. I will most definitely check it out! Thanks for following

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  3. I'm gonna have to try this product. I found you on BlogLoveTherapy blog hop, I'm now following you maybe we could follow each other.


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