Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fallen for the 50 Shades of Grey hype

Hi dolls,

It pains me to say that I have fallen for the 50 shades of Grey hype. I normally don't really want to participate when something is over-hyped about. 1 of the reasons I have never watched Lord of the Rings and Twilight movies. None of them... Harry Potter I got sucked into, because I love the books so much, although I have never read of watched the last book and 2 movies. Because I got bored with it to be honest....

So I have finished reading 50 shades of Grey which is the first book in the Trilogy. I have to say the first started off very PG, but that quickly changed. The ending of the book, seemed very adrupt, like they were both on a high and then it just ended. Just like that... 

I am intrigued by the story of the gentleman in question mr. Christian Grey, I think his character is very interesting and I keep wanting to know more about him. It kinda sucks that the first book does not give much away, that is why I am already half way through the second book. The girl however she is very innocent, she is very much of a YES/NO character. 

Even though I have never seen any of the Twilight movies, and this book is based on a Twilight fan fiction. I guess I can imagine in what ways the book is based from. Even though I have not watched any of the Twilight movies. 

I do have to warn you that this book is pretty detailed in the 18+ part and if you are squeemish I would no recommend reading it. But I thought the book was very comical as well, I laughed out loud a couple of times whilst reading. Just because some of it was just too ridiculous for words, and just too funny. 

Do I think its mommy porn? (to put it in words of many book reviewers) I can understand when women of a certain would love reading this, maybe because their sex lives is not that great anymore and they are looking for that excitement. 

But I think if you like reading and figuring out why someone acts the way they act and you can look past the sex aspects. It is an ok book to read, it is a very easy book to read. I find myself going through the pages fairly quickly. (Finished book 1 today and already half way through book 2) 

I also think that it has the media attention it has because every girl regardless age etc. Has dreamed about a guy sweeping off her feet, has money to spare, and wants to lavish you in all the luxury thinkable. I think that part appealed most to women. But then you find out, he has a very extreme... lets say hobby... so how do you react on it? I think that is the question that most people would have to consider. 

If you have read the book. What do you think? If you have not read the book, do you want to read it? If yes why? If no, why not?

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