Tuesday, 18 September 2012

GlossyBox August 2012 Review

Hi dolls,

I have decided to go back to my old format of doing a review for the sample boxes I receive because I have gotten feedback of people thinking that I have done an unboxing before. But yeah, so I thought I would do a review in a post here and just link it from my YouTube channel and vice versa.

The unboxing video can be seen here; GlossyBox August 2012 Unboxing Dutch Version

So first product in the box was also the most exciting product of the 5 products I have received for the August box. This was the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, I have heard so much about Kiehls and I have been wanting to try out 1 of their products but just never happen to pick one up whenever I was in Amsterdam. 
This lip balm really is as amazing as everyone claims it to be. It is smooth, very moisturizing, there is no scent and you only need the tiniest amount. It is like a clear formula that kind melts onto your lips. Also I love the packaging. 

Full Size product retails for € 8.-

The second product is by Indola and is an Innova Color Shampoo, I was not very excited about this because I do not have color treated hair. So I did not use it to be honest so I can't tell you if it works or not. This was sample size and the scent was a typical professional hair care scent.

Sample Size worth € 1.96 50ml (Full Size is 300 ml € 11.75)

The 3rd product in my box was a makeup product and it was the Vera Valenti eye pencil in black and this was a full size product. The packaging feels very inexpensive and although the size of the pencil is slightly longer than the normal pencil. I did not feel like this product was that great. The kohl in the eyeliner was very tough so I had to put a little bit more force into it, which in turn I was pulling my eyelids. Staying power was not great either.

Full Size product retails for € 3.90

The 4th product in my box was also a makeup product and also by Vera Valenti. It is an eyeshadow palette and I was not too keen when I first saw it, especially because it looks very inexpensive. It has 8 eyeshadows, 1 blush and 2 small double ended sponge tip applicators. I don't really use the sponge tip applicators. The blush is very chalky though, so not so keen on the blush. The eyeshadows however were a huge shock to me, because my oh my do they have a great pigmentation. Seriously the pigmentation is amazing! I wish I have swatches to show you, but I will do that in a different post. 

Full size product retails for € 5.32

Last product in my box is something that I have seen in both the UK boxes and the US boxes. And that is the Glossybox brush. They say it is a brush that can be used for the face and specifically for blush, which I am not very sure of it. Because for blush, I like my brushes to be more dense and this brush does not have that. It picks up barely any product and is very harsh and rough on my skin. Not that soft at all. Also this brush is not very suitable for any vegans amongst us because it is made from goat hair. 

Full size product retails for € 7.-

So overall this box was a bit of a let down for me, I cancelled and then re-subscribed because they said they were going to do a special September box. And people who know me, I am a sucker for special editions and limited editions. I am usually the one  sucked into all of this by those ''special'' and ''limited'' editions. 

So overall this box has a value of € 26.18 I think that is the lowest value I have received a box to date. 

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