Wednesday, 5 September 2012

August Favorites 2012

Hi dolls,

I hope all been having a great August. I know we are in September already and I have been meaning to record this video and put this up before August was officially over, but I really was just clueless on what to put in my August favorites. I have to say I struggle each month with the favorites, because I always try to switch out my products all the time. So all my products get the same amount of love from me. And when I hear the word favorites I always think of products I really love and products that I really love usually don't change... So each month this is a struggle because I don't want to put too many repeats from previous months in that month.

Anyways I will stop blabbing, because this video is 19 min long.

Enjoy! Let me know what your favorites are in the comments under this post or a link to your blog or even in the comments under the video.


  1. So cool that you vlog! I'd like to try one day but would be a bit nervous!
    Thanks for posting our button, I've followed back!
    Sylvia @

    1. Thank you! Vlogging was really scary at the beginning but you get used to it real quick. If you do decide to vlog, you will have a subscriber in me :-)


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