Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Zero Spending on MakeUp September

Hi dolls,

If you guys watch my YouTube videos, some of you might know that I have decided to stop spending any more money on MakeUp or Beauty items for the rest of September. I have decided to do so, because I really do need to save some money considering Christmas is 3 months away and I will be wanting all those Christmas collections that are coming out. Also I have a whole wishlist of MAC products that I really really want so I have to save up for that, considering a job is still pretty far away right now...

I am luckily not alone in this zero spending on makeup this September as I have seen at least 2 YouTubers trying to do the same. If you would like to join me on this challenge, leave me a comment saying you will be doing the same, and we can give each other support.

It might seem easy to do, but putting a restraint on yourself only makes things harder so it seems. Especially for a beauty blogger/vlogger not spending anything is going to be very hard. As when new products come out, I run to the store to go see if I need that particular product.

But I like a good challenge, although I have to admit, I caught myself looking at some pretty makeup earlier today and almost clicked put in basket. 

What I will promise you, is that I will not spend any money this month on makeup or anything beauty related. I will do 1 or 2 posts a week telling you about my progress. And hopefully I will not cave... 

Do you want to join me on this challenge, leave a comment below.... Do you want to know what I am upto? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ellenyu88


  1. I actually did this last month. And I succeeded! WOHOO! hehe I am tying to atleast control myself in buying any beauty related products this month too.. :)

    anyways. i saw you from the bbu hop. :)
    i followed you also..hope you can check out mine and maybe follow too. :)

    ps. i am also having my very fist international giveaway! it is a huge birthday blowout for everyone! hope you can join! ♥

    1. Congrats in succeeding! I admire you!
      Of course I followed back, you got an awesome blog! xox

  2. New follower from the Followers to Friends blog hop. I've made similar goals for myself in the past. Good luck with yours! :)


  3. actually i can beat that...iv had zero spend for the last 3 months......just been nothing that i need!! How good am i lol
    popping over via the followers to friends blog hop

    1. Oh wow!! That is amazing! I don't think I can do that, I am hooked on buying things. Yes I am a shopaholic. lol Thanks for following me :-) I followed back


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