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50 Shades Darker & Freed review

Hi dolls,

I have to apologize for being so absent this past week, I normally post almost every day and now there is like 3/4 days between my posts. Really shocking I know. I also realize I need to announce my giveaway winner on my YouTube, which the video of it will hopefully be up tomorrow. It has been a somewhat busier week than expected so it kinda took me by surprise. 

But the point of this post was to talk about the last 2 books in the 50 shade trilogy. I have to admit, I read both books in the space of 3 days, just because even the books each have a lot of pages the font is quite large and it is an easy read. Once I am drawn into a book, I have to finish it that same day, or at least I like to try. For example I read Harry Potter 5 in 2 days as well.... Maybe I am just a fast reader...

Ok lets start with the 2nd book which is 50 Shades Darker. In this book, we actually figure out why Christian is the way he is, or the deep meaning of it anyways. In the first book at the end they went their seperate ways and now they are back together again. This book really got on my nerves concerning Ana, she was being so annoying!!! Literally I started really disliking her at one point. Because all she could do was wine and get upset about everything. Of course Christian is as controlling as ever, I swear in reality, his actions aka stalker tendencies would have gotten him in jail a long time ago or at least locked away for a while. He knows way too much, for my liking. Although he does have the money for it. 

In the 3rd book called 50 Shades Freed, the book starts with them on their honeymoon, and him getting upset over little things and she just acting stupid. Like seriously how stupid can you be?! If you know what type of person he is and you still want to act childish and act out. It then gradually got into more of a story when it came to the characters with them actually getting stuff happening to them and it is not as much involved over sex, which frankly got so boring. Both the 2nd and 3rd book had repeats of the sex scenes, it was very much the same. In the last book we really get to know Christian and what happened in his life. I liked the fact that she had written an epilogue just briefly telling what happens after the main story wrapped. Also she written a few bits looking from his point of view which is nice so you can know what Christian was thinking. 

Overall the trilogy was an easy read, it gave me a lot of LOL moments just because some of the pieces were so cheesy and so ridiculous. It is not writing greatly but it is ok, because it was still interesting in its own way. I have to warn there is a lot of sex involved I think that is all that Ana is interested in.... Yes Ana not Christian per se! The sex bits gotten boring and lacked the creativity in the 2nd and 3rd book. I kinda expected it to have more BDSM in it after hearing so much hype about it. 

Does it overall live up to its hype? I have to say probably not, but I do see why everyone is reading it. Because once you start you kinda want to finish all 3 books because Christian is such an interesting character, Ana not so much... so you want to know what other extravagant gesture he is going to do or what sparked him to be the way he is. He is one of those typical, on the outside he looks like he has it all but you can't judge a book by its cover. 

Anyhow I want to know what you thought of the books if you have read them? Or do you want to read it? Do you think a movie about it would be any good?

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