Sunday, 1 March 2015

Essence Cinderella Collection (Full Collection)

Hi dolls,

I have another very exciting collection to share with you. You probably can tell that I am very excited for the new Cinderella live action movie that is coming out this year from Disney. I love Cinderella it was and still actually is my favorite fairy tale. With all the issues the world and you are experiencing sometimes you just want to escape and feel like a little girly princess all over again.

Now if you find the MAC Cinderella collection nothing for you then Essence might have some things. Essence is also a lot cheaper than MAC, and the quality of Essence is not too bad either. '

This new Essence Cinderella collection will available for a limited time only, from the end of April until May. But looking at the collection and the prices that are coming with it (from € 1.39), I know for certain this collection will not last on the shelves for very long. 

The 6 pan eyeshadow palette is the most ''expensive'' of the bunch and costs € 3.89. It is called ''01 It's more than I hoped for'' and I have to say these shadows are the colors I would associate with Cinderella.

The blush is called ''01 So this is love'', it looks like a gorgeous pink. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. (retails for € 3.39)

This highlighter is called ''01 The glass sliper'', and just look at that pattern on that highlighter. I seriously need this in my life! (retails for € 3.39)

These two lipglosses are called ''01 Sing, sweet nightingale'' and ''02 so this is love'' these look super shimmery lipglosses. Nonetheless, I hope it is not too much glitter and no pigment.

These nailpolishes are all in line with the color scheme they have going on here. I am just loving this collection so far! Colors are ''01 sing, sweet nightingale'', ''02 bibbidi-bobbidi-boo'', ''03 Prince Charming'' and ''04 Watch out lady Tremaine'' (retails for € 1.99)

There is also this glitter topper, which looks gorgeous!! Called ''01 the glass sliper'' retails for € 1.99

And last but definitely not least, the nail stickers. In 01 the stroke of midnight en 02 it's more than i ever hoped for. These nail stickers look so cute, I am not a huge fan of nail stickers but these look too cute to pass up.

This is all for the Essence Cinderella collection, I think I will be trying to get the entire collection. If it is ever possible lol. What do you think of the collection? Better or worse than the MAC Cinderella collection? What will you be getting from this collection?

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  1. I am so excited and will be saving to buy everything. Is it Target and Priceline that will be stocking these ? I can't wait.


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