Friday, 1 March 2013

I am going to Sevilla, Spain!!

Hi dolls,

when I am typing this I am preparing multiple posts ahead so you are not without posts like you were when I had my little breakdown. When this blog post goes online I am already in Sevilla, Spain.

I am super excited to go because it has been several years since I last been in Sevilla. Normally when I go to Spain, I go to my aunt and her family in Valencia. But I also have an uncle who lives in Sevilla with his family. Now the main reason why I am going is because my cousin who is the same age as me actually we are only 10 days apart. He and his wife just got a little baby boy and me and my mum are going to visit. 

So I will be leaving on friday morning and I will be back on wednesday. It will be a trip of a couple of days and I hope to put in some sightseeing activities besides shopping and drooling over the baby. 

Any posts that are put up between friday and wednesday will be pre-written posts.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

xox Ellen

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