Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte in 003 Peach Glow Review

Hi dolls,

This Rimmel product is a golden oldie but I still wanted to give you my opinion about this product. As most people talk about the Stay Matte in 001 transparent I don't really read a lot about the peach glow.

Rimmel is a drugstore brand from the UK and when bought at the right time can be pretty affordable. Some of their products can be overpriced depending where you buy it. I know when I buy it in stores here in the Netherlands most of the time I am paying way too much for the product. Therefore I usually order from to save some money and also sometimes have Rimmel products on offer or they have a discount code. I think the best deal I ever got on any Rimmel products here in the Netherlands were their lipsticks when they are 2 for 10 euros. Although I have seen their mascaras occasionally for buy one get one free. But I am not a huge fan of their mascaras.

Anyways I bough this Rimmel Stay Matte on Asos for about 4 or 5 euros I believe. Where I normally would have to pay about 8-10 euros here in the Netherlands. 

As you can see it is very simple packaging. I don't really like the plastic lid as it falls off quite easily. But I keep in drawers so I don't really have the problem of the lid falling off. I don't know if I would recommend traveling with this thing. 

It claims it holds up to 5 hours shine control which means if you are planning on wearing it all day expect to need to touch up during the day. This product is good for 30months which is quite long. 

As you can see I have hit pan and that to me is a huge achievement. Because I normally never hit pan on anything. I do really enjoy this product and usually use this over foundation or when I don't feel like I need to much coverage over bb cream. It does mattifies the face and to me it holds quite nicely, I do not feel the need to re-apply during the day. I apply this after foundation or bb cream with a kabuki brush, it buffs out the cakeyness of your face if you feel like you applied too much foundation. It is also really nice to use it as setting powder for your concealer.

Now would I say it is peach glow like it name says not really. To me it is a more clear powder to put on your face to set your makeup with. So it does not give you extra coverage and it does not give you a glow. But it does mattifies your face. And a nice setting powder is a musthave for everyone. 

What are your thoughts about the Rimmel Stay Matte? Or what powder do you use?

xox Ellen

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  1. I've used the Stay Matte powder and really liked it. I like my MAC MSF better but for 1/10 of the price you can't beat it!

    Great review!
    Mandy Jean


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