Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New Dove Cream Mousse Review*

Hi dolls,

I know the past posts seem all about reviews, but these posts are best to prepare for when away as it doesn't really change my opinion about something. I could have done a couple of upcoming products blogposts but I thought those were a little boring and really not that interesting especially if there are 100s or even 1000s of other blogs doing the same thing. 

So another review, no makeup review this time but it is the new Dove Cream Mousse, you all know Dove is one of my favorite brands when it comes to bodycare. And I was super excited about this new innovative bodywash.

Dove have been doing the cupcake challenge when promoting this and I believe they launched this product in January of this year. So it is still a pretty recent product.

To really show you the difference I did do some comparison photos so this post is going to be picture heavy just a little warning there.

It is the usually clean white creamish packaging that you expect from Dove, it has a flip cap opening on the bottom of the bottle. Mainly because it is a thicker consistency this way it comes out of the packaging much easier. 
There are 2 different types of the cream mousse you got the original which has the classic Dove scent (which is nice and powdery soapy) and there is the pure & sensitive version which is hypoallergenic that has a fresher scent but still powdery soapy. I am glad that they thought of the sensitive skin because I have that! Especially in the winter with the radiators on and the cold icey wind outside.

This is the original, so funny it stands up right!

This is the pure & sensitive.

Now as you can see it is a much firmer and thicker consistency. Which means that you have more control on how much you use when showering. And also it means you don't need to use too much. Because we are all guilty of putting too much bodywash on a loofah. This lathers really nicely and you feel nice and fresh after the shower.

As a little comparison I have put their original bodywash in winter care next to the new cream mousse from Dove. And as you can see the regular bodywash really is just very liquid but creamy. And the new Cream Mousse can really stand up right like whip cream. Although I would not recommend eating it!! How much it looks like whip cream DO NOT EAT THIS!! lol 

The Dove Cream Mousse is in stores now and is the usual Dove pricing, as this is Dove we are talking about. They usually launch these sort of products almost everywhere so it is worth checking out. 

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