Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Project Samples Week 12

Hi dolls,

I have to apologize once again for the lack of blog posts, I seem to not be keeping up with my blog, youtube channel, my social life and a job very well. I will try my best but that is all I can do. I am going to try and make a schedule. Maybe plan a couple of posts ahead. But I cannot promise anything.

I am a day late with this project samples but it should still work out and I can put up the review of it all this Sunday.

The first sample is from GoodSkinLabs and it is the Smooth 365 serum, I am pretty excited to try this out because I have heard some great things about GoodSkinLabs but have yet to try out anything of that brand.
The next sample is the Eucerin  Even Brighter creme, it says it will give you a more even skin tone and will make your pigments disappear. I am curious about this, as it by the same company as Nivea.
The last sample is from Sisley Cosmetics, a pretty high end brand and it is a body cream that I will be testing out. Since it has been so cold lately I need as much body cream as I can take.

Let me know if you have tried any of these brands out and what you think of them.

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