Monday, 8 April 2013

End of Project Samples Week 12

Hi dolls,

I usually post the end of project samples blogpost on Sundays. But I decided to take a little relax break from everything on Sunday and have a proper rest day. Before having a busy day on Monday doing a few chores that I had planned before I actually do a blogpost.

I seriously have admiration for the bloggers that have a full time job and also have a family life. Because I have a lack of time for all the blogging and video making. And I am currently working part-time hours and also do not have a boyfriend whatsoever.

Anyhow I shall continue with the short reviews of the samples I have used the past week. 

The first is the Eucerin even brighter cream, it contains spf 30 which I am happy it contains as it is pretty important especially now that it starts to look a little bit like spring. The cream itself feels like it is just pure sun screen because it leaves a white glare on the face. And it feels very greasy, it has some room for improvement.

The second sample is the Goodskin Labs Smooth-365 serum, I quite like it but I wish it didn't came in this small sample. It gave a good base to a more simple moisturizer.

The third and last sample is the Sisley Restorative body cream, I did not like this that much. As it felt very heavy on the skin and also has a medicine/herbal scent. Which I am not a huge fan of.

I will post a new project samples week 13 tomorrow instead of later today.

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