Thursday, 25 October 2012

New Essence Collections ''Class of 2013'' & ''Twilight Saga''

Hi dolls,

I was a little bit reluctlant to do this post because the class of 2013 collection has been in stores since this month and the twilight collection... You know I don't really like the entire twilight hype and don't really understand it either. (although I have been watching a lot of vampire diaries lately... that is as far as I will go with the entire vampire theme movies or tv shows)

Anyways I shall start off with the class of 2013 collection. Basically it is inspired by the preppy school look so we have nice neutral tones and some innocent blues. There will be eyeshadow pens, lip tints, nail polishes, a translucent powder, a blush and some hair ties and a cosmetics bag. I shall show you my picks for what I think I would pick up at the stores. If you want all of the images of the products I can make a seperate post about it all.
I think this blush looks super pretty and I like that there is this print in it. With the darker pink and the light pink, if this blush feels as soft as their other blushes. Definitely a love! (retails for €2.99)

This lip tint is described as a nice red which I think should be great for fall the other lip tint in this line is a baby pink which is always nice for a more neutral look. This one is a bit more bold. (retails for € 1.99)

Class of 2013 collection is on sale now at your Essence retailer.

Now on to the Twilight collection, they decided to release a twilight collection to coincide with the release of the final twilight movie. This collection will be consisting of pigments, liquid glitter eyeliner, lipstick, lipgloss, shimmer powder, blush and nail polishes. The colors in this collection are a bit darker with a ton of glitter or so it seems. With some gold glitter to match, because apparently vampires glisten in the twilight movies (or so I have heard). If you want to see the entire collection leave me a comment below so I can create a seperate post.

Now on for my picks if I would purchase any of the products.

If this nail polish is anything in opacity as it is in its bottle then this nail polish would be an absolute show stopper. I think I will actually pick this polish up, it is a nice gold color. The other colors in the collection are darker colors with glitters in them. (retails for € 1.99)

Finally this dark lilac pigment. I think this color will look gorgeous on everyone and it is great for winter and fall. Especially with pigments you can go crazy with the glitter considering it is the holiday season! The other colors in this line are a shimmery gold, black and a multi dark pigment. (retails for € 2.59)

The Twilight collection will be hitting stores in November. 

Will you be picking anything up from either the Twilight collection or class of 2013? 


  1. I love Essence! They have such great, affordable products! That gold nail polish looks like a stunner!

    1. I am going to get that one as soon as it comes out. I just hope it looks as good on the image as in real life.

  2. OooOOooOoo!!! I want it all!!!!


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