Monday, 22 October 2012

Important Announcement

Hi dolls,

I have a huge announcement to make and also will post another reminder before I actually am cut off the internet for a couple of days. 

So I will have no internet for like a couple of days because I am moving house. So I will probably put up a couple pre-written posts althought I have gone with a couple of days without blogging before. I also am going to upload a bunch of videos so I don't have to deal without the not uploading a video on YouTube for super long especially because filming and editing videos take a lot of time. 

I am excited about moving house though, because I will be living in a city where it is easier for me to go shopping for new products and also I can travel to Amsterdam for events and stuff much easier. And most importantly it will offer more job opportunities. 

Anyway I will be putting up a couple more videos in the next 2 days and have some pre-written blogposts as well.




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