Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I am Officially JohnBeerens.com Lover!

Hi dolls,

super exciting news as you can see from the title I am now an officialy JohnBeerens.com lover which I am super excited about. You are probably thinking what does that mean? Well it basically means that I get updated with the newest and latest products that will be available for sale on the John Beerens website which is basically a website that has a webshop all about hair products and beauty products. So you can understand my excitement. I will be doing a post every month about JohnBeerens.com and tell you all the latest that has been going. It also means that I get to go to their beauty events and also I can go to their actual beautywebshop anytime I like. I know it sounds super good right? That is not all, I even get their magazine send to me 4 times a year. Not only that, I can even get my own column in the magazine. How amazing is that?!

Ok so you are probably wondering now what does John Beerens do? Well he is 1 of the most famous hairdressers here in the Netherlands and has been on TV shows like John Beerens Salon Takeover (kinda like Tabitha's salon takeover) and Holland's Next Top Model (yes the dutch version of America's NTM) so yeah he is pretty well known. The webshop is currently only available in Dutch but if you can read Dutch you can most definitely purchase on their webshop. 

I will leave their button on 1 of my sidebars and also I will leave the link down below so you guys can check it out for yourself.

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