Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Truly Yours box

Hi, just a quick post to let you all know that I have decided to give in on this little trend that has been going on regarding these boxes. I have decided to sign up for this box called "truly yours" which is a beauty type box that you might have heard of before.

But anyway you order this box and every month they will send you 4 or 5 beauty products which have a variety of brands. I thought I sign up for a 3 month trial basis but most of these beauty boxes you sign up and you receive it every month until you cancel the contract. I have decided to just give it a try and see what I will be receiving. I think the most popular box is called glossy box as it is not only made available in the Netherlands but also there is a box for the US, the UK, Canada, France among others. So if you are interested to give yourself a little present of beauty products each month you should sign up. Mine cost about 12/13 euros I think most boxes cost around the 12/13 dollar/pound mark. Anyways you should check them out to see for yourself and if anyone has any experience with any of these boxes let me know I would like to get some feedback.

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