Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bridesmaids 2 (seriously funny)

Ok so if you have not seen the Bridesmaids movie you should totally watch it because it will be one of the funniest movies you will ever watch and the acting is incredible! The following would be a take from the Bridesmaids 2.

So I was looking on youtube and found this video from the Ellen Degeneres show and it is her take on the bridesmaids 2 movie, it is absolutely hilarious. If you have not seen it, it really is a must see even if you have not seen the original movie. Also if you have seen it, just watch it again. It is just too funny! Enjoy!

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  1. hilarious! i so hope they come out with a bridesmaids 2- all those girls are so dang funny together!
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    i just linked up with aloha friday blog hop-my favorite link up. thanks for co-hosting, come see me sometime and have a great day!


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