Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Make-up Map

Another short post by me, this one is about the Make-Up Map of UK which is an article that was posted on the Daily Mail website. I thought it was extremely interesting to find out what women generally use and to find out that not every region was the same.

Some areas used far too much bronzer/fake tan. I myself have used fake tan before but not overkill like some people would (people from Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore) also I have seen people who just look too orange or too tan to be living in the UK who are you trying to fool? I do encourage some fake tan but please just a shade or 2 darker than your skin color otherwise it just looks too tan or too orange. I rather you use fake tan than go to the tanning bed which has been proven to be really bad for you.

I like the fact that is known that in Edinburgh they use a lot of foundation, now I have lived in Scotland for a while myself and I do agree foundation is a huge thing there. Ok girls also here do not put too much on or go several shades different than your normal skin tone this is not a good look! I knew someone who put way too much foundation on her face here in Holland, everyone actually laughed at her behind her back because she just  looked ridiculous. I told her once to maybe tone it down a little but she kinda hated me so I basically gave her more reason to hate me because I was honest with her.

Anyways the link is here . Enjoy reading!

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