Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Starlooks Starbox May 2013 + My birthday box

Hello my lovelies,

Boy has it been a while since I posted something on my blog. I was just looking at my previous post and it was dated 31st of May!!! Like seriously?! has it been that long? To be honest there really is no excuse for me slacking because I see bloggers all the time who have a fulltime job plus a family to look after and they still manage to blog. I have a job but although the job itself is not draining my energy the travel to and from work however is. Not only that lately there has been some issues where it has proven to me once again, you cannot trust anyone. The most difficult thing is that the person who is suppose to be a leader figure for you betrays you.

Well I could go into depth of the story but it is not the most interesting of stories. But the more exciting thing is the Starbox of May! The preview of the Starbox was really exciting, and I thought we would be getting something as bold in turquoise but we didn't which was a little disappointed but the rest of the box was not as disappointed although 1 of the products I would not be so keen on using. Which product that is? You can check it out in the video.

As you might know when it is your birthday month and you are subscribed to Starbox you will receive an additional box with makeup goodies. Super duper nice and I do not know any other subscription service that actually does that. 

Get your own Starbox right here

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