Friday, 31 May 2013

Lip Factory Inc May 2013 Unboxing + Review

Hi my lovelies,

Well I have to say, boy did this box took its time to get to me. It got shipped on the 8th of May and left the US on the 10th I believe and only received it on the 29th. That is 3 weeks! Normally a package from the US takes about a week, if it takes any longer than that I get worried. (example my starbox shipped end of last week and I received it yesterday)

Anyhow as always Lip Factory Inc is worth the wait. If you have not heard of them before, they are a monthly subscription service where they send you a variety of makeup items to create the look of that month. If you love lip products then this is definitely the box for you, every 4 months they send out an all lip products box! 

This month's box, contained some of my favorite brands and brands that I have never heard of before. I love discovering new brands. I shall not type much further and just leave you to enjoy, also don't forget to check the description box to read on how you can get your own Lip Factory Inc beauty kit!

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