Thursday, 23 May 2013

Battle of the Sunscreens (ft. Hannah, Australian Gold & more...)

Hi my dolls,

I have been really slacking when it comes to my blog and also my youtube channel. I have been thinking about making new banners and also change the background on this blog a little bit. But I have also been thinking about changing my blog entirely and move to a tmblr account instead of blogger. I know I am very indecisive. 

I guess I just need to get back into the groove of things. Starting off with catching up with my channel, where I uploaded a new video a couple of days ago. Ok maybe not a couple of days ago more like 5 days ago. Battle of the Sunscreens, it is basically a review of various sunscreens and comparing them to one another. 

The brands that I have featured in this review are Paula's Choice, Lovea, Hannah, GiGi and last but not least Australian Gold. You will not only find out which ones are my favorites but also which one I would recommend for the face and for the body. 

p.s. I purposely decided not to pick any drugstore brands as these are reviewed tons and tons already. Enjoy!

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