Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Starlooks Starbox February 2014 Unboxing + Swatches

Hello my lovelies,

now finally after waiting for way too long, I have received the February starbox. For those who don't know what Starbox is, it is a monthly subscription service where you will receive full size Starlooks makeup items each month. It costs $ 15.- per month plus shipping and is available worldwide. Also in your birthday month, they usually send you a birthday box too! Just as a bonus.

Now the products that you will receive always exceed in value what you paid for the box. And my experience with Starlooks is that their products are usually really high quality.

Enough blabbing. Lets get to the box itself.

It seems like a pretty good filled starbox for February. Usually the colors can be a total hit or miss.

The first product in this box is this lipstick in Lilu, well to be honest I am not a big fan of gold lipstick but I might be able to use this color for an ombre lip.

The second product in this box is a cream eyeshadow in the color Phaser, it is a purple blue-ish color and to be honest not a huge fan. Just by the texture I can already tell it is going to be a cream shadow that is going to crease like crazy on my lids. Also the swatch I had to do it 2 times in order to get some color pay off, not the best Starlooks product out there.

Now the last product in this box besides the extras is this pigment, and the color is called Wall Street. Now I am not a huge fan of pigments because I always end up with tons of fall out and when I take off my makeup I always find some specks of glitter on my face even after washing. The color is a very dark grey with multi-colored glitters. When I do receive pigments I like to receive vibrant colors so I can play around with for makeup looks. The pigment is very nice quality, but the color is nothing special.

Now for the extras, I received a headband to hold back my hair whilst doing makeup which is always handy. And a quartz crystal, they put this in every starbox so you can collect these and put them in your makeup brushes jar to give your brushes good energy.

Also I received a code for $35.- giftcard. Basically if you join Starbox you will receive an extra gift worth $35.- every 3 months just for being a subscriber. This giftcard you can use on the Starlooks website.. Now what should I buy from them?

Oh yeah before I forget the breakdown of the value of this box. This box has a total value of $ 41.-
Lipstick value - $ 12.-
Cream Eyeshadow value - $ 12.-
Pigment value - $ 17.-

Oh yeah if you want to subscribe to them you can do so by  clicking this link.

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