Saturday, 15 March 2014

Limited Box Review (DO NOT BUY THIS BOX)

Hi lovelies,

I normally don't like doing negative reviews especially when I have a really bad experience with something. But considering I do reviews and I want to be honest with my readers and viewers I do good and bad reviews. Today however will be a bad review. 

Well a little bit of background story first, I was googling some boxes on the Dutch websites and blogs and saw limited box come by and I was intrigued, all the people who reviewed them had amazing boxes and seemed really good value. So I decided it was time for me to go on their website and do the same, they had a Valentine's theme box that was € 14,95 including shipping. So I went for that, they are not a monthly subscription service they are a surprise box service I guess. Now the box I received was really disappointing and had a value of what I would say not even worth € 5.-

The box came like this, and shipping took about a week. Which for Dutch standards is way too long, because when you ship something domestically you can expect it to arrive tomorrow. International packages take about a week or more. 

This was everything in the box.... Not impressive at all!!!

First thing, is a golden rose shatter nailpolish now this trend has passed and even OPI shatter polishes are retailing for 3 euros nowadays. The next product was an one use sample of a body lotion. Value for me nothing!! The product after that is a tea leaves sample, yes leaves that looked like they were gathered in someones garden! There is this skull bracelet that a 5-year old might like. And the most exciting thing in this box is this hello kitty korean lip balm.

There are some flyers in there, that have no value whatsoever. A pair of fake angry birds earrings that a 5-year old might like. And lastly there is a silver midi-ring in there. Yes just one single silver midi-ring.

If you are looking at this box in total, do you think this is worth the €14.95 that i paid for it? I don't think so. It is the crappiest box I have ever seen. And nothing Valentine related to be found and it took forever to get to me.

I think I won't order with them ever again. I know I have received some bad beautyboxes, but this is just ridiculous!!!

Ok I think I am done ranting about it now. Just a warning to my fellow Dutchies out there, don't do it!!

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