Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Preview of Essence Cookies & Cream Collection

Hello my lovelies,

today I bring you a preview of an upcoming Essence collection that will be released in March here in the Netherlands. Anywhere else that sell Essence probably will be having this collection either soon or will already have it.

This collection is as you can probably tell by the name of the collection, inspired by cookies and cream colours. So you will be finding a lot of soft vanilla, rose and creamy brown colours. There will be eyeshadows, jumbo eye pencils, lip glosses, a blush, shimmer pearls, nail polishes, a mini nailfile that will smell of cookies and a hand cream that smells of cookies. I have seen the pictures and I might have to buy this entire collection it just looks so good not to have!

So what will you be getting? I will definitely be getting the shimmer pearls and the blush, and probably a bunch of other things too. Love it all too much!! 

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