Thursday, 13 February 2014

Discount Code Time!! Feel Unique & ASOS

Hi my lovely people,

It is discount code time, these discount codes for 2 of my favourite webshops have come online today and they are too good to just keep for myself.

The first one is for this is an UK based website for beauty products, I would recommend signing up, not only do you get emails with discount codes, when it is your birthday they send you a 5 pound off voucher code on any purchase. The best thing is that as long as you spend 10 pounds, the standard delivery is free! Now the code is only valid for the next 4 days and gives your 14% off everything, the code is: LOVE14
I have already purchased the caudalie beauty elixer and a lipstick. What would you get?

The next code is for ASOS, you can get anything on there relating to fashion and beauty so what are you waiting for. This code is for an extra 15% off their sale items! Pretty good deal huh? And also they have free standard shipping, which for me is pretty fast anyways so I never upgrade. The code is: FINAL15 and will be valid until 17th of February.
I haven't picked out anything yet, but I probably will.

Happy shopping!

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