Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Vani-T Cream Blush Review in Berry Parfait

Hi dolls,

As my 1 product review was so well received I thought I would share with you another product specific review. This is a product review that I received in my blogger package. 

Now to be honest I have never heard of Vani-T before but when I first saw the name of the brand I thought it was a nice play with the word. So I did a little research and of course I received their brochure as well so I went through that. Vani-T is an Australian brand and was set up by Tania Walsh who has had over 20 years of experience in beauty. What really spoke to me the most was that it was targeted as ECO-Glamour!!

I have been more and more aware of using products that are more eco-friendly so that really spoke to me and when I read on I also discovered this.
All of Vani-T's products:

  • contain no parabens, no sulphates or phylates, no talc or bismuth oxychloride, no animal testing!

Those things really spoke to me, because it means no unnecessary weird ingredients put on your face and most importantly no testing on cute fluffy bunnies.

So what product am I reviewing from Vani-T? It is the Vani-T Mineral Cosmetics Blush in Berry Parfait

Now onto the review. 

The packaging has a pewter colored lid and the container itself looks like glass but is actually plastic. It looks pretty nice and packaging is very sturdy. If you can read the back label it says it is good for 18months, which I am assuming is that is when the blush starts to dry out a little bit. Because to be fair, who throws away their products really after that period of time except for mascara and lipstick maybe. 

To be honest at first I thought, oh no it is dried out already because it looks so stiff and I didn't really apply to much pressure I just lightly dabbed it with my finger. But boy was I wrong! This is super creamy and very pigmented as well, it is blendible alhtough. I would recommend working fast when blending because it is super pigmented!!!

Both pictures were taken in day light. You can see the pigmentation in the blush so well, it is a nice berry color. It kind of does look scary and a bit dark when you look at the first swatch. But blended out it just looks so pretty pink berry. But I would recommend applying just a little bit and blend that and build up the color if you think you need more color. Because after it is blended and dried, it does not come off!! Which is a good thing because it means it lasts all day. 

I unfortunately do not have a picture of me wearing the blush I totally forgot to take a photo. But it really lasted nicely, would I use it under a different blush? Probably not because this blush is already so pigmented by itself. I does not contain any shimmer but it is not entirely matte either it has a slight sheen to it. If you like a bit of shimmer, a little bit of highlight goes a long way and changes a blush completely.

Now this blush retails for € 31.95 on the johnbeerens website and the link to the product you can find here;
Which I know is a bit on the pricey side, but if you are looking for a great pigmented cream blush I would definitely recommend this. 

I would definitely recommend checking out Vani-T products because if they are as good as that cream blush in berry parfait then I am SOLD!!

Hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know what you think.

xox Ellen

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  1. that's a really pretty shade and I love the glass pot it's packaged in. I've not tried anything from Vani-T either, I'll have to find out if they're available in the UK x


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