Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Randomness on Wednesday

On Wednesday's I previously said that I would have a theme on this day. But I have decided that there won't be a them for Wednesday, so any subject can pass by on Wednesday.

Today, I have been busy with fixing this glitch on my laptop. It annoyed me so much, all the thumbnails of my windows media player file disappeared on me. But I have somehow fixed it after many attempts and hours of searching on the net for a solution. 

After yesterday's post, I was browsing on the ASOS website and was tempted to order something after all. I did contain myself and only ordered one item. Now I have told myself that for the next two weeks I am not allowed to order anything online. This is going to be very difficult especially now with Christmas coming up and there are so many tempting offers everywhere. Almost every website has an offer going on. This is going to very difficult. Hopefully I will be the one triumphing at the end of the next two weeks instead of my urge to shop.

Tonight there is a new Apprentice UK episode on, one of my favorite shows on television. Me being a business student myself, find it very funny how some people base their business decision on. And what rationale some have to say. Some people, I just wonder how the heck did you get to be on this show?! Probably for the ratings, anyways this is me going off to watch the show. 


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