Friday, 3 December 2010

Fashion Friday: Bugs and Lanvin

As promised this is my fashion friday post. I told that I would post what I ordered. As I haven't received my packages from both theOutnet and ASOS I will post what I received in the post the other day from H&M.

I managed to get my hands on a Lanvin for H&M piece. It might not be a clothing piece, I am pretty chuffed with what I managed to get my hands on. It is this leather/chain necklace, which can also be used as a belt. (I have tried this myself and it actually looks pretty cool as both neck piece and as a belt.) Also it came in a really nice box, which I love. Another thing that I had to have was the red lipstick, it is just so cute. You can see it in the next two photos, my two items from Lanvin.

One other thing that I have been looking for ever since I spotted it in the H&M magazine winter 2010 edition, is this bug ring. It comes in three different colors and it just amazing and a perfect accessory for a nice little black dress or any other cocktail dress for that matter. Or just a fun accessory for your every day outfit.
It is quite big and as you can see in the following photo I have chosen the ring in red. Although I am very tempted to also get it in green. I have also had a thing for these oversized rings and I definitely think this is a must have for the christmas parties period.

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