Wednesday, 14 March 2012

electric blue and 8 hours

A post from me today, I don't really feel like writing about Shanghai today as I feel a little home sick to Shanghai even though I am currently residing in my actual home. I miss my friends and I wonder when and where I will see them next considering my friends are from all over the place. This way I always have a holiday destination.

But aside from that I much more feel like talking about something else today. I went shopping and happen to buy something as per usual I would say. But the shopping trip before that I happen to not buy anything which I am pretty proud of. So I did buy this really cool blue shorts, I was actually planning to buy the long trousers but they were not available in my size so I bought these instead. They are from H&M and they should be available not only online but also in-store.

And not only did I buy those cute shorts, which I am planning to wear as soon as the sun is out. Maybe with one of my breton stripe tops or a popping color top (probably pink) or with a nice printed t-shirt. Or maybe look more professional with a plain white or black top. 
So I also bought my favorite face cream at the moment, the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour face cream. It smells so nice and it is great to repair my skin which has been exposed to the coldness outside and then the dry hot air inside.

I use it daily and sometimes twice a day. And I have been using it for the last 2 years I think. So far it has never failed me, especially in these extreme weather conditions.

So that is my post for today. 

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