Monday, 12 March 2012

Back in the land of the Dutch

Hi everyone,

I have been neglecting this blog way too much. But from now on, I am planning to blog more. Although I keep saying that I will blog more but this time I mean it. It has been a while since my last blog post. And a lot has happened since then. I will probably have to post multiple blog posts in order to tell you all about it.

Since my last blog post, I have returned to the Netherlands and I am now eagerly looking  for a job. Therefore I have more time on my hands for my blog. 

I have given up my job at the events company I was interning for they however did offer me a job, but I have decided not to continue that job for personal reasons. Therefore I had the entire January and part of February to myself and spend some time with my family. I returned to the Netherlands on the 21st of February in time for my father's birthday. 

I spend most of the Chinese New Year/ Spring Festival with my family not only in Shanghai but also with my family who live in Wenzhou in Zhejiang province. It was great to spend some time with my family, I had a great time and of course enjoyed all the nice food that was served in the restaurants. I must have gained a couple of pounds during that period of time, considering how much food was served and how much my family took care of me. They thought I was going to starve or something, they basically fed me almost 5 times a day if it is not more.

Whilst being in Wenzhou, my aunt who likes photography insisted on taking some photos of me. We went to this little island that is in the middle of the river, which was a lot of fun. The day we decided to go take photos was also the only day on my trip that the sun was out in full force and shining down. 

I do have to admit, some of the photos turned out great! And some not so much, but then again that is with every photo shoot. I was the only one who was not taking any wedding photos on that island. I lost count on how many brides and grooms to be took their wedding photos on that day on that island. At least I stood out, lets say that.

Also during the Spring festival I went to YuYuan Gardens in Shanghai and took some photos there. I went with my grandparents which I also did last year. We usually also visit the temple that is there, although I am not religious I do respect everyone else who do commit to a religion.

At YuYuan Gardens every year they construct these lantern type things. That light up during the evening. I spend last year seeing those lights so I decided this year to return home early. Considering it was quite cold outside and I rather be inside under the covers being warm watching a movie than being outside in the freezing cold and looking at lights with the other couple thousands of Chinese people/tourists.

That is all for today, nothing much other than that happened during the Spring Festival.

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