Thursday, 4 December 2014

I am Baaaaackkk!!!

Hello my lovelies,

after a very long time, I have decided to put some new life in my blog. I have not been feeling the need of blogging for the past couple of months. At first I was so busy with everything that was happening at work I literally had no time, I would be working 6 days a week sometimes and on my day off I just wanted to do like nothing.

And then I was unexpectedly laid off for like a f*cked off reason, because my manager could not handle the fact that I was doing a better job than her. She claimed that I had no leadership skills, and could not sell. I for a fact know that I don't like to force my team to do something but rather have them feel good about themselves and do the things they need to do from themselves. I am not a tyrant. I also know how to sell, because not only do I have a love for marketing, I also know how to put on a sales pitch. Every teacher of mine has said so and one of my teachers actually told me I should start my own company because I have such a strong business sense. But that biatch can handle things all by herself and I want to announce that I have decided to pick up my own crap that I have been neglecting because I wanted to put so much into my work.

I even had to stay at home a couple of days because I overexhausted my back. I even had to go to the physio therapist for that. 

But I am excited to announce that I have now moved in with my boyfriend, not only am I ready for a new chapter in my life. I am desperately looking for a new job in order to maintain my makeup addiction. I have also decided to put in new life into my youtube channel and my blog. 

Don't forget to check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I have posted a holiday sets review from not only Too Faced but also Tarte. More videos are on their way. 

Thank you for passing by and reading. It means so much to me.

All the love,


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